Amazing Stories: The Mission


Despite the presence of Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Costner, this starts off like 1980s dude-bros doing the bare minimum to LARP as WWII bomber crew members. Luckily once the attack happens the pacing and editing liven things up to make it a worthy episode. This was one that I remember seeing as a kid and occasionally themes from this episode pop up in nightmares, namely being a trapped belly gunner under a plane with no wheels.

On this more recent watch, I viewed it as the belly gunner not surviving, but forcing himself into a dreamlike state just before he meets his demise under the weight of the bomber. Or perhaps he is being welcomed into an afterlife of some sort. 8/10


Amazing Stories: The Main Attraction


It’s almost if the producers said “Hmmm…the production values are going to be great…let’s just hand off the script to the janitor’s retarded son. It’s the ’80s! Nobody will care!”

Oh there is no interpretation to be had. It only slightly redeems itself with some decent slapstick and Rube from ‘Major League 2’ is in it. 3/10