Amazing Stories: Ghost Train


In 1985, Steven Spielberg launched his own version of “The Twilight Zone” television series with “Amazing Stories”. It lasted two seasons and is now a mostly forgotten relic of the 1980s. To break things up a bit on my Twilight Zone binge, I’m going to give some interpretations of these episodes.

This is what happens after the old man in “Home Alone” reunites with his family. They move him away from Chicago and to a place that traumatized him as a kid. While the suburban Chicago neighborhood tales of this man murdering people were indeed false, people did find him goosestepping in the yard and having too much interest in trains. The meds he was on did subdue him enough to allow him to wander aimlessly salting sidewalks, but his son was an idiot and forgot to have his father’s prescriptions transfered. This resulted in delusions and a quick death upon arrival to the new house. 0/10



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